Education and Training

Careers do not start and stop when an employee is hired. There is always an opportunity for a worker to become more effective in a roles, to grow a set of skills that can improve a company's bottom line, and to enhance one's leadership ability so that departments can manage and promote from within. The solution is education and training, the subject of this directory. Education and training can entail a variety of programs. It might be as sophisticated as a tuition reimbursement system, which allows employees to attend college classes with partial or full financial support from their company. Often, this type of education and training will come with requirements that an employee achieve certain milestones, share the knowledge that he or she has gained with other workers, or commit to staying with the company for a set period of time. Shorter-term education and training opportunities are also available to companies. For example, day- or hour-long training sessions can be held at the company's location. These types of programs might cover advancements in the company's field, or they may offer reoccurring classes on specific skills, such as leadership and human resource management. There are a variety of benefits to education and training. Companies can avoid the cost, time, and personnel required to find a new employee by developing skills in-house. They can also improve employee morale by offering an avenue for advancement to workers. Learn more about education and training by exploring the links in our directory.

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